The Linking Fiasco

Could people new to the Internet please stop telling us shit we already know? I mean, good lord, courtesy links are nothing new, and they aren’t a requirement. To get upset about them is just plain childish. Welcome to the Internet. Despite what AOL might have told you, it’s not a very friendly place. In fact, the best communities around are often openly hostile. Get used to it.

Book Blogs and Other Wastes of Time

I’m hoping you folks can help me out. Recently I’ve been reading a number of blogs like Bookslut and The Elegant Variation. These are wondefully well-read and well-written, and I was hoping that you, my readers, might be able to point me in the direction of more. Perhaps from Canada? Canadian literature (and literary discussion) seems in such a sombre state lately (Mr. Barnes, Mr. Winter, this means you!) that I’m hoping to find something fun.

Of Coure They’re Real

I awoke this morning to find that Scott is now telling us that he lied, and the words at Enlumine (the site I posted about last night) are not, in fact, real words. I beg to differ. First, it was rather obvioius that the words in question were not of the order of, say, “dog”, or “catharsis”. The fact that Scott made them up does not make them any less real. In fact, I had actually thought, based on the contextual examples given, that most of the words were “made up” by authors of fiction (nobody would seriously believe that “osculathe: A machine on which a kiss is held & spun while being shaped by a fixed cutting tool” would be found in the OED, would they?) . I suppose that’s a bit of a compliment to Scott, who is a good writer in his own right. The words are… Continue Reading


Scott David Herman has just launched Enlumine, a site which endeavors to enhance your personal lexicon by presenting words of interest and utility with which you may find yourself unfamiliar. Definitions and contextual examples are included, for your edification and occasional entertainment. The words chosen so far are creative, useful, and amusing. I’m not entirely sure that most of them are in the public lexicon, but that’s part of what makes the site so much fun. I’m looking forward to using some of the words. This one is my favourite thus far.