Pictures of Books!

Apart from being dark, musty and having ceilings so low tall folks bump their heads, my apartment is notorious for two things: first, it’s quite messy, as I am an atrocious housekeeper, and second, it contains a lot of books. And by a lot, I mean a whole lot. Folks tend to not believe me when I tell them how many books I have, so I went around and took some photos tonight (don’t worry, the apartment is cleaner than it looks from the photos). Bear in mind that I left quite a few behind in Dryden, and still have some packed away in boxes and such here in the apartment that I wasn’t able to get photos of, nor did I make a survey of my various magazines. Behold:

The homemade bookcase in my living room:

The tall bookcase, also in my living room:

Books on the desk:

Books near the television:

Books on the chair:

Books on the black hole that is my homemade coffee table:

Books stacked on random things in a corner:

The third bookcase in the living room:

Books on and about the chest, also in the living room (yes, that’s a Ziploc bag full of Smurfs):

Books by the couch:

Books amongst the DVDs (yes, that’s The Imitation of Christ below Stephen King’s Four Past Midnight:

Books on the cat:

Books in the bathroom:

Books near the bed:

Books in boxes:

Books on the dresser:

Books in the dresser:


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