Tonight (and possibly even tomorrow, depending on how long this takes), I will be attempting to upgrade the blogging software that runs vestige.org. It’s been, well, close to three years since a database failure forced me to upgrade, and in the meantime I’ve missed at least two major updates to the software. According to the instructions provided, I’ll have to upgrade from version 3 to version 4 before moving to version 5, which is the latest release. This will be a tremendous pain in the ass, but hopefully it will allow me greater flexibility for dealing with comment spam and various other housekeeping issues.

I’ve been blogging at vestige.org since February 2000, and I haven’t had much luck with upgrades. I’ve lost bits of the database at least twice, the search function was unworkable for close to four years, and I’ve had to rebuild the entire file structure three times, screwing up my permalinks in the process. I’m going to do my best to prevent any of that sort of nonsense this time around, but, as the Taoists say, shit happens. So if you come here tomorrow and the site is gone, or you find nothing works anymore, be patient; things will get fixed to the best of my ability.


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