So for a variety of reasons, I can’t use my credit card this month, and decided instead to pay for my hosting with PayPal. What I didn’t realize, is that transferring money from a bank account to PayPal isn’t instantaneous the way it is from a credit card, or from person to person. Therefore: I won’t be able to pay my hosting bill on time (a whopping $15.38 USD), and my host has informed me that they will be suspending my account until I do. Fair enough.

From what I can tell, this will happen sometime tomorrow. My money will not arrive in my PayPal account until Tuesday. This site will be down from tomorrow until probably Wednesday, and I will not be accessible via my normal email address either. If you absolutely must get in touch with me, use my “backup” email address: fishsauce@gmail.com.

I appreciate your patience.


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