MobyLives, Um, Lives!

A couple of years ago I was big, and I mean big into podcasts. I had a job that didn’t require a lot of concentration, and we were allowed, even encouraged, to listen to iPods and CD players and so on while putting in our twelve hours a day (that’s right, twelve). I listened almost exclusively to podcasts, and MobyLives was far and away the best book oriented podcast around. And then one day it disappeared.

But before it was a podcast, MobyLives was a blog. And finally, after two years or more on hiatus, it is a blog once more. I’m not sure if anything can live up to expectations I have, thanks to the amazing quality of the podcast, but I have no doubt that the new MobyLives will be a worthy addition to my daily reading, and to yours too. (Thanks to David for the heads up.)


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